"The work of MELMAC and its partners is vital in creating promising career paths for Maine youth and a strong workforce to help grow Maine's economy."
Jason Judd, Executive Director, Educate Maine

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T-shirt assembly to highlight the post-secondary plans of the Class of 2014 at Monmouth High School

Our Challenge

Maine students are graduating from high school at the highest rate in decades. We celebrate this fact, but a closer look at the data reveals that a majority of Maine’s high school graduates are not continuing on to and completing any form of post-secondary education. 

In Maine, most students don’t complete post-secondary education.

This "leakage" in the high school to post-secondary pipeline has resulted in a widening income and employment gap between high school graduates and their peers who pursue and complete post-secondary education. Nationally, more and more of today’s employers require a post-secondary credential, many with a high school diploma alone are finding it difficult to earn the kinds of wages needed to support a family.
Chart showing drop-off from secondary to post secondary education

Maine's shrinking workforce is creating a significant skills gap.

Barriers that prevent students from transitioning to post-secondary education have potentially dire implications for Maine’s economy. The state’s shrinking workforce – the result of an aging population, declining birth rate, and out-migration of young adults – is creating a significant skills gap. Reaching across all sectors of the economy, Maine employers report a lack of job-ready hard and soft skills in high school graduates. Many struggle to find candidates with the necessary skillset to fill existing jobs. It is a problem that, without intervention, is expected to grow.
Chart: Employment by Age Group in Maine

Our Approach

To address these complex challenges and create sustainable pathways to fulfill Maine’s workforce needs, the MELMAC Education Foundation exposes students to education and employment opportunities and provides them with the skills necessary to succeed beyond high school. Through its grants and initiatives, MELMAC funds identified best practices and career and college access activities that are proven to increase the number of students who pursue post-secondary education and attain a credential of value.

Our Impact

Craig Larrabee Image

On behalf our of Board of Directors and the staff of JMG, we are grateful to all those involved with the MELMAC Education Foundation for their gifts of time, talent, and data that support Maine’s students of promise. Our partnership with MELMAC has transformed our work as a direct service provider for 10,000 students across the State and as a resource support organization for local school districts. We are so very proud of our partnership with MELMAC and the many ways it has made a difference for the students of Maine!!

Craig Larrabee
President and CEO
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MELMAC's support to our schools has been tremendous over the years. Beginning with our college transitions grants and now the ASPIRE Gorham program, we have been able to build a culture in our schools and in our community that supports our children from birth to adult in figuring out what their "Future Story" is. MELMAC has been the glue that has helped our school and community stay focused on this important work!

Heather Perry
Superintendent of Schools

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